Meridian/JetProp Torque


Utility for pilots of the Piper Meridian, M600, and JetProp DLX (-21 and -35) airplanes. Pilot enters altitude and outside air temperature; the app immediately calculates max speed cruise torque, true airspeed, pounds per hour, and NM/pound.

Uses calculations from tables 5-66 through 5-77 of the performance section of the Meridian POH; figures 5-16 through 5-31 of the M600 performance section; and the JetProp Cruise Performance charts in the JetProp DLX (-21 and -35) POH. Pilot can flip through different torque settings to see the effect of torque on airspeed and fuel consumption.

Pilots should use solely for educational purposes. Always refer to your current Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) or Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) for use while operating an aircraft. Your aircraft’s POH is updated regularly by the manufacturer and is the only source of torque information you should use operating an aircraft.

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