H2o Steam Properties - Activate

To purchase a license, please visit here. We will email you a license key upon completion of your purchase.

Once you have installed the H2o Steam Properties Excel add-in, you can activate your license by opening any workbook and typing in the following formula in to any cell (please use your name and email address in the 2nd and 3rd parameters):

   =H2oLicense("Your-Activation-Key-Goes-Here","your name","your_mail@email.com")

The add-in will contact our server to activate the software on your computer. Once activated, you can delete the formula from your workbook and use any of the steam properties functions. Refer to the documentation included with your download.

Please contact us at sales@infopogo.com with any questions.

For information about this Excel add-in refer to the H2o Steam Properties Excel-Add In page.