H2o Steam Properties - Installation

For information about this Excel add-in refer to the H2o Steam Properties Excel-Add In page.

If you have purchased a license and need help activating your software, please see here.

Once you have downloaded the H2oProperties Excel add-in, you can follow these instructions to install it (these instructions are included in the download in a Word document). Excel for Windows 1997 or higher required:

Installing the add-in for Excel should only take a few minutes. Please follow these steps:

Trust the File Location

Important Note: There is one additional step to this installation due to an Office Security Update released in July 2016. The folder that the add-in file is saved in needs to be added as a Trusted Location in Excel. The instructions on how to trust the folder location are below.

When you are done installing, you can activate a free 30-day trial or purchase a license.